During Lee Smith’s guest appearance on War Room: Pandemic, he discusses the involvement of former senior military officials like Jim Mattis being involved in “Transition” scenarios like the ones mentioned in the Transition Integrity Project as “extremely troubling”. He says:

“We’ve seen people threatening violence, we’ve seen people, well, enacting violence. We’ve seen it around election time as well, and one of the things that we’ve seen coming out of these reports from the Left about what will happen around election time is the important factor presumably would be which way the Pentagon goes. We’ve already seen Pentagon officials, most notably James Mattis threatening Esper and Milley at the top of the Pentagon, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Defense Secretary. This was Mattis again in the Atlantic June 3rd article. So yea, absolutely, its a very dangerous thing. So when we’re talking about the permanent coup, the idea that the military, that former senior officials are now involved in this is extremely troubling”. – Lee Smith

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