Steve Bannon explains on War Room: Pandemic that the Democrats with their allies in the mainstream media have scared their voters to not come out to vote on Election Day and are now resorting to all sorts of nefarious tactics to steal the election.

“We take this pandemic very seriously. Very seriously, and how to handle it. Targeted interventions, the comorbidities, the old age homes, all of that. The Swedish model versus the UK model versus our model versus India versus Bolsonaro versus hydroxy versus therapeutics versus prophylactics versus vaccines, all of it. Soup to nuts. ICU beds, capacity, everything. Go back. From day one. And we realize something. The mass hysteria and the low information voters of the Left and the emotional voters, as Raheem Kassam says all pathos, no logos, no ethos. Aristotelian. And they’ve scared, here’s what they’ve got, they’ve scared their voters into submission. They’re in their rabbit holes and they don’t want to come they don’t want to vote so now they’ve come up with a whole new scheme of things in order to steal an election. Joe Biden, right now, the only way he can win is illegitimate. It’s an illegitimate regime and we will never ever ever ever ever bow down to it.” – Steve Bannon

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