Stephen K. Bannon explains on War Room: Pandemic that the coordinated contingent of Democrats, Never-Trumpers, and allies in the mainstream media and Silicon Valley recognize their candidate’s weakness and are trying to silence the President in order to prevent him from connecting to an increasingly fired-up base ahead of Election Day.

“Biden, two or three sentences into things, forgets where he is. The President needs to be strategic about how he cuts him off. On the two biggest questions, about masks and tax increases, he totally forgot where he was after three or four sentences. Embrace this, Democrats — you’ve traumatized your base such that they don’t want to go out and vote. And they have a guy that doesn’t know where he is half the time. 

Democrats are totally freaked out. They don’t want Biden back up on the debate stage. They’re going to try to change the requirements for the next debate to put a kill switch on President Trump’s mic. They want a kill switch on Facebook. They want a kill switch on Twitter. They want to stop the connectivity of [the President’s] voice to his voters, and to his people.

On certain occasions, just let Biden wander around.” – Steve Bannon

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