In an explosive interview today with Stephen K. Bannon, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani dropped several bombshells as he gave his first reaction to the release of emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s hard drive implicating then-Vice President Joe Biden in potentially criminal behavior.

“Joe Biden has been taking money since he was in the Senate. It’s a racketeering case. The Biden crime family has been operating for 30 years, but when he became Vice President, they went into high gear. His brother James Biden, potentially a bigger crook than Hunter, was a point man in Iraq. In each scenario, America loses, as the Biden family becomes even more millionaires. ” – Rudy Giuliani

Watch the clip here:

He went on:

“There’s so much evidence against the Biden family, it’s a national scandal that it wasn’t covered years ago. The Southern District of New York has had material evidence for years and a substantial outline of Biden’s criminality… That information has been 100 percent corroborated. This is a much worse scandal than Watergate… The FBI has known about this. Director Wray should be forced to resign, if not worse.” – Rudy Giuliani


Watch the whole episode here:


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