Filmmaker, attorney, and citizen journalist Michael Cernovich joined Stephen K. Bannon on War Room: Pandemic to discuss the crisis the Trump movement has been facing with Big Tech and lay out ways to check the power of Silicon Valley oligarchs through legal means.

“The GOP had the power to take on Big Tech. They had the White House, the Senate, and the House. But they wanted to implement Paul Ryan’s agenda. So all of the enthusiasm, pizzazz, and fervor that you had in 2016 is gone in 2020. They chose to lose.” 

He went on to note that Section 230 reform, which a host of figures on the Right have brought up in relation to censorship, is largely “saber rattling.” Instead, he said the only way to take on these monopolies legally is through “dirty tricks.”

“President Trump should declare any social media company a terrorist regime if it allows the Iranian regime to have an account. He should use the official power of the presidency, issue sanctions, and just start smoking social media companies. You have to smoke fools. You have to really play to win. Subpoenaing Jack Dorsey won’t do anything. No one is afraid of GOP Senators, Bill Barr… You have to go nuclear, get the most vicious person you can in the room, and say, ‘what’s the most brutal thing we can do legally to these tech companies?’” 

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