Undoing the Fix 

John Fredericks explains how the War Room audience is leading to the first step to fixing the fixed elections in Georgia, after the senate passed a bill requiring voter I.D. for mail-in ballots.  

“If you can’t undo the fix, how are you going to do anything else?” notes Stephen K. Bannon, on why real change is critical to keep the Deplorables in the fight.

Georgia’s GOP-led Senate passes bill requiring ID for absentee voting

Let’s Get Rid of the War Criminals First

Bannon proposes a 9/11 commission for war criminals like the Cheneys. Boris Epshteyn explains why Neera Tanden is going down for some mean tweets and how President Trump is the true leader of this country right now. Follow @BorisEP

Nobody voted for him: Biden strongly disapprove is at 42%

Neera Tanden committee votes abruptly delayed as Biden budget pick’s nomination in jeopardy

Juice of the Lockdowns Not Worth the Squeeze 

European member of parliament Jerome Riviere joins the show as co-host and explains how lockdowns are slowly killing the spirit of the French people. Bannon and Riviere discuss how transhumanism, debt, and the CCP virus connect. Follow @Jerome_Riviere


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