Populist Posse Goes to CPAC

Real America’s Voice correspondent Amanda Head reports live from Orlando, where an unexpected mask mandate is putting a hiccup in the massive MAGA gathering.

“People are a lot more excited to come now that President Trump is going to speak,” Head reports.

No Room for Nikki

Boris Epshteyn comments on the inauspicious start to Nikki (!) 2024. “If you’re not welcome at CPAC, Nikki Haley, how are you going to win any primaries?”

“There’s no room for Nikki Haley in this party,” Epshteyn said.

Raheem Kassam says Margaret Thatcher summed it up best: “Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.”

Read: Haley isolated after Trump fallout

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Get on the MAGA Train 

Dr. Peter Navarro has a helpful venn diagram of where CPAC and MAGA meet, and it’s not on much. Luckily the populist posse has taken it over.

“Get on the MAGA train, then that venn diagram becomes a circle,” he said.

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Great News is Coming

Drew Mason, of St. Joseph Partners, explains the importance of fasting to reinvigorate faith in America. Mason’s fasting program draws from early Christians, and is 100 percent whole grain bread and water every Monday and Wednesday.

“You only need a small group of people to respond,” said Mason. “Great news is coming.”

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