War Room kicks off the show with special guest Herschel Walker, who brings clarity to a state of confusion in the country. Walker says Americans must return to faith, stand up, and educate themselves. 

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The Last Bastion of Free Speech

John Fredericks reacts to President Trump’s CPAC speech and says it was the most enthusiastic CPAC he’s attended since Reagan in 1979.

Today the John Fredericks radio network expands to WMLB AM 1690 in Atlanta, and will broadcast War Room daily. 

WMLB Flips To Conservative Talk Under LMA

Government in Exile

Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam go in depth on President Trump’s CPAC speech. Bannon says Trump set a benchmark that Nov. 3 is “not going away.”

Doug Collins says President Trump’s speech “drove the media crazy,” because “he gave a speech that the media actually has to deal with.”

Collins shares his strategy for how to win. One, focus on immigratin to protect jobs. Two, combat lockdowns to save the free market. And three, end cancel culture by talking about what it actually is: the “taking of freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.”

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The Counter Argument 

Bannon and Kassam disagree over the President’s speech at CPAC. Bannon says the speech was strategic and sells to the working class. Kassam wanted more “Donald Trump,” and argues the speech has “no tails.”


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