Anti-Semitism Stops Here

Rabbi Ilan Feldman explains what’s behind the rise of anti-Semitism and gives his recommendations to fight it. 

Proudly stand for moral principles, get involved in your community, and “don’t cower in the face of an onslaught against the notion of right and wrong.”

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Phil Wong, president of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance, explains the progression of critical race theory into society and how it emulates the tactics of Mao’s cultural revolution in China.

Wong’s group is mobilizing Chinese Americans to defend free speech and anti-indoctrinate their kids from the dangerous and divisive critical race theory at home.

Chinese Americans mobilize against critical race theory

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The Left’s ‘Acceptable Form of Racism’

Matthew Tyrmand, Polish American political journalist, peels back the history of anti-Semitism in Europe and explains why today the real anti-Semitism is “living among the lelftist elites” and anti-Zionism is “their new mask.”

Plus, Tyrmand discusses the “army of whistleblowers” James O’Keefe and others are organizing to defend the republic.

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Every Last Ballot

Arizona state Representative Mark Finchem reports Arizona is finally getting its audit in Maricopa County, which will look “at every ballot.”

“This is not going to be fast,” says Finchem. “But it is going to be thorough. This needs to be above reproach.” 

Finchem got word Monday that teh Maricopa Board of Election supervisors are finally complying, after last week’s judges order enforcing a subpoena for the 2.1 million ballots.

“At the end of the day this is about determining what happened,” he said.

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