A Warm Weepy Open

Dr. Peter Navarro reacts to Andrew Cuomo’s pathetic news conference: “If you know that man you’re not buying that contrition.”

“That was disgraceful,” Navarro said. “That’s the worst lying politician sack of you know what I’ve ever seen.”

Stephen K. Bannon says all of this is a “pure deflection” from the number of seniors Cuomo killed in nursing homes.

N.Y. governor Andrew Cuomo acknowledges he ‘made people uncomfortable’ but will not resign

GA Window Dressing

Phill Kline, director of Amistad Project, warns the Georgia assembly bill H.B. 531 does not fix the problem of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pouring millions into our election system.

“The Georgia legislation doesn’t get it done,” he said.

Kline said the bill is just “window dressing” unless more is done to prevent private money from corrupting our elections.

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Where Georgia Goes…

L. Todd Wood, Creative Destruction Media, says the Georgia election bill address the real issue with elections: the voting machines.

“These audits were a sham,” he said. Wood says the remedy must be making ballot images publicly available, audit what these machines produce. Even better: go back to paper ballots.

GA Omnibus Bills Won’t Prevent Election Fraud Like November 2020…Here’s Why

Matt Palumbo, content manager for the Bongino Report, comments on the fortuitous timing of his book on Andrew Cuomo. 

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Dozens of House Dems Ask Biden to Give Up Sole Authority to Launch Nuclear Weapons

Get the book: Dumb and Dumber: How Cuomo and de Balsio Ruinied New York

Don’t Fence the Capitol

Raheem Kassam gives an update on the Capitol occupation and why the ultra-liberal residents of Washington, D.C. have had enough.

CONFLICT: Fauci’s Daughter Is A Software Engineer At Twitter, A Company Which Suspends People For Disagreeing With Her Father

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