Steve Cortes rips Larry Kudlow and Rep. Maria Salazar for calling for a “retreat back to a place of corporatist globalism within the GOP,” and incentivizing illegal immigration into the United States.

“Our border is blowing up right now,” Cortes said, arguing the last thing America needs is amnesty and an infusion of cheap labor in an already fragile economy.

Cortes said January 2021 was the worst month for illegal crossings in over a decade. Once the numbers are finalized, February is looking to be the highest number of unaccompanied children ever to cross the southern border.

“While Congress dithered with a second farcical impeachment in Washington, D.C., surrounded by their own wall, by the way, miles of walling and miles of barbed wire fence and thousands of troops our own front door of the United States southern border is essentially open,” Cortes said.

“There is a bull rush going on at the border fight now,” he said.


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