War Room reports live outside the Capitol Hill wall on day 56 of the occupation, where the streets are empty and there is no “domestic terror threat” to be found. The House of Representatives shut down for the day, despite showing no evidence of a threat.

“This is an absolute travesty,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “156 years ago when Abraham Lincoln gave the greatest speech in American political history…his second inaugural…and today we have the political theater, the theater of the absurd.” 

“We need to see the receipts,” Bannon said.

Kassam reflects on the D.C. occupation and warns “this is the end” of freedom in America.

“This is one of the coolest places on earth,” Kassam says of the Capitol. “It’s beautiful…despite the people within, despite the policies that come from out of that building.

“It rocks me to my core, not least because I’m not from here,” Kassam said of the Capitol being miltarized behind razor wire. “I looked at America growing up like, ‘Wow. you can say what you want, and believe what you want and you’re left alone.'”

“It’s called freedom,” said Bannon.

“Something that most countries do not have,” Kassam said. “America was always different.

“As someone from the outside,” he continued, “I can tell you, people are looking in and saying, ‘This is the end.'”


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