Beatrix Von Storch, vice chair of AfD, shares the news of a German court blocking spying on her party, Alternative for Germany.

“This is something like an earthquake,” she said. “We will have a very happy weekend. We will celebrate this.

Von Storch said “it’s still a hard fight,” and a temporary victory.

“They’re trying to make us illegal,” she said. Von Storch explains how the intelligence service uses the media to brand AfD as “extremist” with no supporting evidence.

Bannon warns: “If you don’t think this is where the United States is going, you’re kidding yourself.”

Amanda Milius says the demonization of political opponents is already here.

“Look at how similar it is to what they did with Russiagate,” she said. “It’s the intel community with a private relationship with their personal communications arm, a.k.a. the mainstream media, demonizing their political enemies.”


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