We Still Have Chamberlains

Co-host Dr. Peter Navarro joins Stephen K. Bannon in studio for a special on the threat of the Chinese Communist Party.

Rudy Giuliani explains the difference between combating the Soviet Union and China today.

“China is tougher, China is more difficult, China has infiltrated for a long time without our knowing about it,” he says. A big problem for the U.S.: “We still have Chamberlains here.”

Navarro says it’s impossible for the Biden regime to confront China because “they’re compromised.”

We Have a Job to Do

Rudy Giuliani shares how we can have victory over the CCP: knowledge.

“China has slipped under the radar,” Giuliani says. “Our job has to be what you’re doing right now, you’re educating our base about a threat that they probably didn’t realize a year ago, that brings the political support that narrows the options of the Biden administration.”

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What Trump Never Gets Credit For

Bannon and Navarro discuss how President Trump saw the China threat coming and his deep knowledge of the CCP.

“He is more advanced on his thinking on China than the entire apparatus in D.C.,” Bannon said.

Navarro says President Trump could rattle his 20 favorite books on China off the top of his head.

“He never gets credit for that at all by the foreign policy elite,” Bannon said. “He was ahead of the existential threat to this country and the world.” 

Plus, Bannon explains how “woke corporate culture is just a cover.” “They don’t care about workers.” 

Donald Trump has read a lot of books on China: ‘I understand the Chinese mind’

Watch: Death By China based on the Navarro book.

Are We in the 1930s?

Bannon wonders if we are in a situation like the 1930s when the West would not stand up to Hitler. Now the West won’t stand up to the CCP. Plus, Navarro makes another big prediction on China.


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