A Nonexistent President

War Room reacts to the latest Joe Biden cognitive struggle over the weekend, and wonders where did his Irish blue eyes go? Newsweek’s newest columnist Boris Epshteyn called the episode “disturbing.”

“He’s obviously not in control of the White House,” he said. “He’s not in control of the oval office.”

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WATCH: Biden Cognitive Function Worsening

Read Boris Epshteyn’s Column: Biden’s Recklessness Has Helped Foment a Border Crisis

Dictionary Definition of The Swamp

War Room explains why the retirement of Roy Blunt means big news for the MAGA America First movement. Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, gives an update on the mounting border crisis.

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Gov. Abbott announces “Operation Lone Star” to combat drug, people smuggling at the border

The Markles

Raheem Kassam explains why the Markles going after the monarchy is signal, not noise. Joanna Miller, former senior policy advisor of the White House, explains why Meghan Markle’s complaints are “a bunch of crap.”

“This woman is a joke,” says Kassam. “She’s a destructive menace.” 

The MAGA Writing on the Wall

Stephen K. Bannon says Roy Blunt saw the writing on the wall, and got out because you make less as a lobbyist when you lose a primary. Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens shares his insights into Blunt’s exit and what it means for the MAGA movement.


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