An Assault on Major Christian Institutions in the West

Nigel Farage returns to the show to discuss Harry and Meghan’s attack on two major institutions: the Church of England and the crown. Farage says Great Britain is in “shock and horror” at the ex-royals’ attempt to damage the Queen near the 70th anniversary of her reign, while her husband lays on his deathbed.

Plus, Farage says don’t be surprised if the “queen of woke” Meghan Markle runs for political office in the near future.

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Piers Morgan leaves ITV’s Good Morning Britain after row over Meghan remarks

Bloke-ism, Not Wokism

Dr. Peter Navarro coins a new phrase for the Markles’ politics and explains America’s unsustainable debt path.

Plus, Navarro tells what’s in the Biden regime’s $1.9 trillion travesty, and says it’s a misnomer to call this a “covid bill.” Only 9 percent goes to fighting the CCP virus.

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Every City’s a Border Town

Dr. Navarro comments on the looming border crisis, and how Biden’s Border Patrol is now a catch and release program. Plus, Navarro says Kevin McCarthy “sold us out” and should be replaced by Jim Jordan.

MAGA World’s Grievances

Fog City Midge goes through the list of what is grinding the gears of MAGA world and why many were not enthused with President Trump’s CPAC speech.

“The republic is dead,” she said. “It died Nov. 3 and it’s funeral was held on inauguration day.”

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The CCP Would Make a Nazi Proud

Tibetan activist Maura Moynihan reports on the Uighur genocide, saying the Chinese Communist Party’s camps would “make a Nazi proud.”

“Western business is complicit,” she said, as slave labor is being used to make NBA jerseys and Coach jackets.

“It was said never again,” Moynihan said. “Well, it’s happening now.”

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Chinese government responsible for genocide in Xinjiang, says independent report

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