Ben Bergquam, of Real America’s Voice, shares exclusive footage of cartels running the U.S. southern border on War Room, Tuesday.

“It’s a huge operation,” Bergquam said. “And all run by the cartels.”

“Wow,” said Raheem Kassam. “That is incredibly dangerous work so thank you to Ben.”

The footage shows cartels having their way along the border with no enforcement in sight. Bergquam witnessed scouts in the buildings, with lookouts for how to cross the border illegally.

The video shockingly showed a gate to enter the United States “wide open.”

“This is a battle for the future of our country,” Bergquam said. “And Democrats, Joe Biden, and the left are aiding and abetting the enemy.”

Bergquam said “the most sickening part” is these illegal operations are being funded by U.S. taxpayers.

“It is funded by America,” he said. “NGOs are training people how to break into our country.” 

Rep. Matt Gaetz called the U.S. government the “greatest human trafficker in the world.”

“We’re funding this,” Gaetz said.

The Florida congressman said the same non-governmental organizations help facilitate traffic and illegal migration “are going to do very well in the covid relief bill” that totals nearly $2 trillion.

Bergquam said the Washington establishment is all in on “the crime of our generation” of open borders.

“It is being funded by our government and by the left in this country…and even some Republicans who like the cheap labor,” he said. “It’s all connected.” 


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