President Trump will not let the RNC use him to fundraise for traitors who backed the sham impeachment, according to Jason Miller.

To say President Trump is “fired up” about this is an understatement, Miller said.

“You are not to use his likeness or image without permission,” Miller said. President Trump isn’t going to let people raise money off him that is “going to help RINOs or picking bad candidates.”

“Those 10 will not be in Congress,” said Stephen K. Bannon, of the members including Liz Cheney who went along with the Democrats’ second impeachment.

“That’s just the arrogance of using President Trump’s likeness and image,” Bannon said.

The RNC sent a defiant letter to President Trump’s lawyer, vowing to continue to use him for cash. The NRCC said RINOs who supported impeachment “will not be penalized.”

Miller said the situation is “largely resolved now,” in that President Trump supports the Republican Party, but will not let his image be used for Republicans that don’t represent their voters.


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