Rep. Lauren Boebert explains what drove her to film a new video demanding Nancy Pelosi tear down the wall around the Capitol.

“Walls work. Armed security is the best,” Boebert said. “Democrats just have their hypocrisy on full display.” 

“I’m tired of these hypocrites destroying our country,” she said. 

Boebert said the wall and metal detectors in the Capitol that Pelosi used to target her as a licensed concealed carry holder are “political theater.”

Boebert said she’s “not a backbencher,” and is not a politician.

“I was tired of politicians not standing for freedom,” she said. She used that frustration as motivation to run for office and give a voice to the average hard-working American.

“If I don’t get to come back I get to go home and be a mom,” Boebert said.

Watch the video below.


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