Mike Lindell’s Been Busy

War Room reacts to the explosive interview with Marjorie Taylor Greene and how she nailed the corrupt D.C. system.

“She’s not going to back down,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “She’s their worst nightmare.”

Mike Lindell returns for an update on his work trying to save the country. From recalling Doug Ducey, to launching a new social media platform, to fighting his Dominion lawsuit, Lindell’s been busy. 

Cancelling Cancel Culture

Mike Lindell says “I’m coming for all you people” trying to take down My Pillow and ruin his reputation. Lindell says he has the receipts for 140 million people around the world who watched his election fraud documentary Absolute Proof.

Plus, My Pillow has slippers now.

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100% We Will Win

Mike Lindell promises “we will win,” and expose election fraud in the voting machines and defend free speech. Lindell announced Alan Dershowitz has joined his team helping him defend the First Amendment in a suit against his company.

“They do have stuff to hide,” Lindell said of Dominion. “I have the evidence, our defense is already ready, they made a big mistake by doing this.”


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