Mike Lindell says YouTube and Twitter will be “a thing of the past,” after his new social media platform VOCL launches.

“I put up this platform so that everyday we’re gust going to pour the evidence out,” Lindell said.

VOCL, which launches in the coming weeks, will be a platform for free speech, where people are allowed to say the unmentionables “Dominion” and “voter fraud.”

“You’re going to go where the people go,” Lindell said, promising live streaming, and social media posting that will let Americans escape from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Lindell said he will use VOCL to expose voter fraud that will even convince Democrat voters the election was stolen.

“You will be 100 percent convinced that this was an attack on our country,” Lindell said. “When everyone in the world is going, ‘Hey we’ve already seen the evidence,'” the Supreme Court will have to take the case, he said.

“It’s going to be 9-0,” Lindell said. “I already know what we have.”

Lindell spent the last four years working on VOCL, and said it will not be reliant on Amazon web services, or any other Big Tech oligarchy.


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