Plethora of Crises

Raheem Kassam opens the show on the plethora of crises in the United States, including the Biden regime thinking it has the authority to tell Americans if we can celebrate Independence Day.

Michael Yon, combat correspondent, reports live from “the front edge” of the border crisis: Panama.

Yon reveals the Chinese Communist Party’s involvement in destabilizing the region — besides the CCP virus.

“You wouldn’t believe all the China stuff in Panama,” he said.

“It’s not good,” Yon said. “It’s very serious. This is no joke. This is a destabilizing migration for the United States.”

‘It’s Just an Open Gate’

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam and Oscar el Blue report live from Yuma, where more illegal aliens can be seen walking straight into the United States with no problem.

“This is just an open gate,” said Oscar. “It’s a hot spot, it’s so unfortunate the authorities are not doing anything about it. It’s wide open.”

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Spox for the Party of Davos Hits Biden’s Border Crisis

Stephen K. Bannon reveals why Fareed Zakaria is writing “brutal head shots” in the Washington Post about Biden’s border crisis.

“That is a warning shot across the bow of the Biden administration,” he said. “This is what took down Angela Merkle.”

“Maybe you should get a wake up call, Jen Psaki,” Bannon said. “You know how you stole this from Trump? Well guess what? You’re not going to have it. This thing is going to explode.”

Fareed Zakaria calls it Biden’s ‘border crisis’ in the Washington Post

Biden: The President of Human Trafficking 

Investigative reporter Drew Hernandez reveals the immoral human smuggling operation along the border.

“The cartels will literally tell these people if you have a minor with you we’ll give you a lower price of $3,200,” he said. “We’ll give you safe passage.”

On top of child smuggling, “we have all these pedophiles, rapists, and kidnappers being released into the United States,” Hernadez said. “This is not a Republican issue, not a Democrat issue.

“This is an issue of evil.”

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America First in the Senate

Jane Timken, candidate for U.S. senate, responds to Biden’s border crisis and gives her recommendations for economic nationalism.

“President Trump put America First and we need someone in the Senate who’s going to put the American people and American worker first,” she said. “And that’s me.” 


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