Dennis Prager joins War Room for an hour special for how the western world lies in the balance. 

“It is literally accurate to say the West is at stake at this time,” Prager said.

In part one, Prager explains the morality of Donald Trump’s policies from the border to the countless peace deals the Middle East, and explains the true nature of the left.

“How could one regard Trump as evil?” he said. “What is evil is what the left is doing to the western world, what is evil is not allowing people to visit dying relatives for a year.” 

Smug Psaki: We do not have a ‘morality problem’ at the border

No God = No Wisdom

In part two, Prager explain the difference between liberals and the left. Prager unveils why censorship is a necessity for leftists: because 5-minute videos can destroy their whole ideology.

Plus, Prager traces how Bolsheviks took over America’s universities. First, they took God out of them.

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Germany Is Always Wrong

In part three of the interview, Prager explains why massive boredom of the soul is a threat to the U.S., and reveals his helpful key to understanding the world.

“When Christianity died in the west we got communism, fascism, and nazism,” Prager said. “When it dies in the United States, you get what we saw last year and worse.”

Plus, Prager explains the three kinds of people in this world, and how to fight back against the left.

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Transhumanism: The Secularization of Humanity

In part four, Prager addresses the problems he foresees with transhumanism and why it all goes back to the Garden of Eden.

“This is a perfect example of the religious vs. the secular mindset,” he said. “We believe we are created in God’s image. The transhumanist elite who want to build a new man, want to “enter the realm of the creator.”  

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