War Room continues its deep investigative coverage of Joe Biden’s spiraling border crisis.

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam and Oscar el Blue reported live from Yuma, where more illegal aliens can be seen walking straight into the United States with no problem.

“This is just an open gate,” said Oscar. “It’s a hot spot, it’s so unfortunate the authorities are not doing anything about it. It’s wide open.”

“There’s a lot of cartel activity, there’s a lot of illegal activity,” he said.

Viewers could see  four males walking right across an open border. Bergquam and Oscar reported they did not speak Spanish and appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent.

“This is a humanitarian crisis that was created by the government of the United States,” said Stephen K. Bannon.

Michael Yon, combat correspondent, also gave a live from “the front edge” of the border crisis: Panama.

“The Border Patrol are angry,” Yon said. “They’re saying as soon as Biden was in more people were coming over, it was already becoming too many to handle.”

Yon revealed the Chinese Communist Party’s involvement in destabilizing the region — besides the CCP virus.

“You wouldn’t believe all the China stuff in Panama,” he said. “This is destabilizing Central America, the CCP virus, there’s the CCP moving in besides the virus, you could have a cascading effect.”

“It’s not good,” Yon said. “It’s very serious. This is no joke. This is a destabilizing migration for the United States.” 


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