Rudy Giuliani said regardless of the origins of the Wuhan coronavirus, what the Chinese Communist Party did afterwards was an “act of war.”

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin reports the State Department’s former top investigator David Asher says he believes the coronavirus is the result of a bioweapons program in Wuhan.

“The mainstream media has helped cover this up,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “And this is a ticking time bomb because they have an active weapons program in Wuhan.”

Giuliani said China lied to the world, and encouraged travel out to the rest of the world while it locked down its own country.

“That’s an act of war,” said Giuliani.

“What’s the motive for that war?” he asked. “Bioweapon? Gain of function experiment that went wrong? Was it purely accidental at the [Wuhan wet] market? Absolutely not.”

“Something went on in that laboratory where they were either working on a gain of function experiment that they weren’t supposed to be doing or they were working on a bioweapon,” Giuliani said, “which they really aren’t supposed to be doing.” 

“I don’t know how worse it gets,” he said.


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