Fake News Star Tribune

Mike Lindell fact checks the Minneapolis Star Tribune, who used a food blogger to write hit piece against him.

Lindell said they took two months to write the story and didn’t get basic facts right like the number of employees he has.

“They lied,” Lindell said. 

“It was very sad. Of all the pieces this year that bothered me the most. The New York Times and the Washington Post writes better stuff.”

Bannon explains the real reason behind the article:  “They’re absolutely terrorized” Lindell will run for governor of Minnesota.

Read the Minneapolis Star Tribune hit piece on Lindell.

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Biggest Free Speech Case in History

Mike Lindell explains why the $50 to $65 million in My Pillow lost revenue from being dropped by the Big Box stores is going to turn into a blessing.

Plus, Lindell says Alan Dershowitz is joining his team to fight one of the biggest free speech cases in history.

Turn Yourself in Now

Lindell says Dominion and Smartmatic employees should “just turn yourself in right now to get less jail time” because of the whistleblowers and witnesses he has.

Capital ‘L’ Leadership

Lindell explains how his personal relationship with Jesus Christ has gotten him through his time of testing.

Lindell’s message to Americans: “Pray for God’s grace,” and everyone “keep the faith.”

“When we get through this it’s going to be the greatest revival ever,” he said.



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