The Ides of March 

Are the press turning on illegitimate Joe Biden, after 54 days without a press conference. War Room explains what the Ides of March means today for populists movements and the battle against elites.

“The press who thought they were getting all this access. They’re recognizing there’s carnage in America,” says Raheem Kassam.

Boris Epshteyn discusses why the fake news is finally getting around to hitting the Biden regime on something: it’s all about them.

Paul Farhi: After 50 days as president, Biden still hasn’t given a news conference. Critics and allies wonder why.

Peter Baker: At this point in office, Trump had given five news conferences. Obama had given two, George W. Bush three and Clinton five. Biden so far has given zero

Vaccine Papers, Please

Alexandra Preate, communications director for the War Room, joins the show and Stephen K. Bannon warns of the coming tyranny regarding vaccines.

“They don’t want any debate, whatsoever,” Bannon says on the vaccines, which aren’t even vaccines. “They are experimental gene therapies.” 

MSNBC: ‘The most vaccine-hesitant group are people from the conservative right’

Human Agency

Alexandra Preate responds to Mike Lindell’s interview and shares the importance of faith. Plus, why human agency can stop vaccine passports.

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