Mike Lindell said he would run for any political office available if election fraud in voting machines is not addressed.

“I will run for dogcatcher if these machines are still being used,” Lindell said. “I believe they will be gone soon.”

Lindell said Minnesota is “ground zero,” for the problems facing America, including the destructive riots in Minneapolis last year. Lindell said he is open to running for governor, but is trusting God’s timing.

“We’ll just have to see on that,” he said. “It’s just a timing thing. That’s in 2022.”

Lindell said he believes running for political office will be unnecessary because he expects to win legal battles against Dominion that will expose voter fraud.

“I expect this battle with Dominion and our election fraud to be taken down here, this fraudulent president that’s in power right now to be gone, hopefully this year,” Lindell said, speaking of Joe Biden. 

Lindell said it is a blessing that no voter fraud case has yet reached the Supreme Court because no case has yet included the damning evidence he has.

“Nobody has ever looked at the evidence we have,” he said. 


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