John Fredericks joins the show on breaking news out of Georgia. As a result of new judicial ruling, an independent audit has been initiated of 30,000 suspected counterfeit ballots in Fulton County.

The ballots had no creases, were identical, and looked like a machine bubbled in votes for Joe Biden, according to four sworn affidavits of election workers.

Fredericks said one whistleblower was fired after speaking out on the “pristine” and possibly fraudulent ballots.

This audit could change everything, Fredericks said, and not just at the top of the ballot and putting Georgia in President Trump’s column.

“That means Perdue would have been duly elected U.S. senator on the first ballot,” he said.

“Then you have to say if that’s true…did it happen in Philadelphia?” Fredericks said. “Did it happen in Milwaukee, Detroit, Phoenix, Reno, Las Vegas? All of this has to get sorted out.”

“It starts in Atlanta in Fulton county.”

Stephen K. Bannon said Georgia is the epicenter, which could change the entire nation.

“This is the center of the universe down there,” he said.

“You got the a forensic audit that could change the whole nation and put into question the whole legitimacy of Biden,” Bannon said.

Bannon and Fredericks said the election reform laws working their way through Georgia to clean up mail-in ballot fraud could be a prototype for other state legislatures.

“This is everything,” Bannon said. “Georgia is the center of it.”


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