Rot in the White House

Stephen K. Bannon kicks off the show with an epic rant on Biden’s border crisis, and why it goes back to the moral “rot in the White House,” and the Republican establishment in 2017.

Bannon slams “inarticulate” and “dumb” Kevin McCarthy and “Mr. Open Borders” Paul Ryan.

“You guys were in charge and had the ability to do it and you guys did nothing,” he said.

Where were you in 2017 and 2018? McCarthy finally makes visit to border

Big Media starts to cover Biden’s border crisis: Good Morning America, CNN

Biden in Business with the Cartels

Bannon explains how President Trump has mostly solved the border crisis with the remain in Mexico and zero tolerance policies that helped “people on both sides.”

Raheem Kassam says the worst part about what Biden is doing now is they are aware of the consequences of their open borders policies. 

“They’re not empowering the cartels,” he said. They are aiding and abetting them. They know about the evil and they are pursuing policies that allow that evil to prosper.

“This regime is business partners with the cartel,” Kassam said.

All Hell Is Going to Break Loose

John Fredericks joins the show on breaking news out of Georgia. A new judicial ruling means 30,000 suspected counterfeit ballots will be independently analyzed in Fulton County.

The ballots had no creases, were identical, and looked like a machine bubbled in votes for Joe Biden, according to four sworn affidavits of election workers.

Listen: The John Fredericks Radio Network

The Way the Fake News Works

Raheem Kassam breaks down a Washington Post correction that came two months late, and how their correction actually admits they have zero journalistic standards.

Washington Post runs correction admitting it ‘misquoted’ Trump in Georgia election story


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