War Room reveals the escalating Biden border crisis, as four people on the terror watch list were caught crossing the open border.

“Joe Biden has flung the southern border open,” said Eric Greitens. 

“Even the terrorists now know, the door is open, boys,” said Raheem Kassam.

War Room also digests the horrific news out of Mozambique, where ISIS is targeting Christians.

Four people matching terror watchlist arrested at U.S.-Mexico border

Jihadists behead 11-year-old in Mozambique

‘I’m Pretty Sure We Won That Way’

War Room explains how Facebook worked to use Big Data to interfere in the election. 

Plus, Dr. Peter Navarro reveals how Defense Secretary Mark Esper and 

WATCH: Facebook exec says company put Biden in White House

The Riot That Stole the Election 

Raheem Kassam shows how every piece of the narrative surrounding Jan. 6 has fallen apart. Dr. Navarro says it’s not about optics, it’s about using the riot to steal the election.

“The bigger plan was to have something happen on Capitol Hill so they could use that excuse to not do what Pence and the Congress had a constitutional obligation to do,” Navarro said. “Which is to check those votes for legality.”

“It played out exactly how the opposition wanted,” he said. “Pence got cold feet, they backed off, and it was done.

“President Trump was the last person who wanted that to happen because he had one last chance for a fair election,” Navarro said. “And that riot stole that election from him.”

READ Raheem Kassam’s Report on the Capitol Riot

I’ll Bet You a Lot of Yuan

Navarro previews the Biden regime’s Alaska meeting and reveals China’s seven deadly sins.

“They’re going to get on their knees to kowtow to the Chinese,” Navarro said of Biden. 

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