War Room warns of “dark days” ahead if the Chinese Communist Party’s unregulated research into artificial intelligence to create super humans is not stopped.

Stephen K. Bannon said China’s totally unregulated advanced chip design, and robotics should be stopped “dead in its tracks.”

While the Biden regime is busy capitulating to China in Alaska, the CCP is busy “creating new humans” through experimental gene therapy.

Dr. Bradley Thayer told War Room China is “interjecting genetics with artificial intelligence to try to establish dominance.”

Bannon said the real question nobody wants to ask: “How active is [the CCP’s] bioweapons program?”

“This will be the defining aspect of the 21st century,” said Thayer. “The merger of AI and the technologies that surround that with the genetics.”

“That’s going to affect our lives, our technology, our economy,” he said.


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