Rep. Mo Brooks says “socialists on Capitol Hill” are now running the Democrat Party.

In a wide-ranging interview with War Room, the Alabama congressman blasted Biden’s weakness against the Chinese Communist Party, his “deadly” open borders policies, and said America will become the Soviet Union if H.R. 1 is jammed through.

“You can’t be a pacifist in the face of aggression,” Brooks said of the Biden team’s disastrous meeting with China. “And we need to very quickly understand the Chinese Communist Party is the enemy of liberty and freedom.”

Brooks said unfortunately socialism is “taking hold here at Fort Pelosi,” where the Capitol is still surrounded with razor wire and armed troops.

“The socialists here on capitol here, I don’t call them Democrats anymore,” Brooks said. “They are nothing like the Democrat Party of 10 or 20 years ago.

“These are socialists who have captured the Democrat Party,” he said.

Brooks said Americans can say goodbye to our constitutional republic if H.R. 1 becomes law.

“If you like the value of your vote in places like the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, then you’ll love H.R. 1,” he said. “You can certainly vote, it just won’t count it won’t affect the outcome.”

Brooks said Nancy Pelosi’s bill makes the outcome of elections “predetermined by the powers that be.”

“They are predetermined just like it is in Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Iran,” Brooks said. “Go through your socialist dictatorial state, where they have elections for appearance purposes only.

“When in reality there is no citizen responsiveness at all,” he said. 

Brooks also criticized the open borders policies of the Biden regime, which leads to 2,000 Americans dying each year “at hands of conduct by illegal aliens,” and 30,000 overdoses from illegal drug smuggling.

Democrats allow it to happen for cheap votes.

They are “inviting people into our country giving them amnesty…because they understand this is a way to dilute to voting ability of Americans,” Brooks said. 

Brooks’s advice to Americans is “don’t surrender.”

“I still have a hard time believing that a majority of Americans want to give up liberty and freedom,” he said.

Brooks will announce whether he will run for senate on Monday.


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