Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene warned Americans must wake up to the fact that the country is “under a communist revolution.”

“It’s time for everyone to wake up that we’re under a communist revolution,” Greene told War Room, Friday. 

“I’ve never broken a law. I’ve never used drugs. I’ve never done anything wrong,” Greene said. “I said a few things on social media that I’ve publicly apologized for. Today Democrats with over 70 of them introduced legislation to have me expelled from Congress.

Democrats are targeting Greene for removal of Congress for old social media posts, while a Chinese Communist Party-compromised Democrat still sits on the House Intelligence Committee.

Greene said Democrats are singling her out because she is one of the few Republicans standing in the way of their radical agenda.

“I’m the greatest threat standing in their way,” Greene said.

Greene explained how she calls for roll call votes to put members of Congress on the record, and has stopped attempts by Democrats to give felons the right to vote.

Twitter suspended Greene on the same day Democrats introduced their resolution to expel her.

“This government is out of control,” said Greene.

“We’re on the verge of losing the filibuster,” Greene warned. “What you’re seeing happen to me, they’re doing everything they can to take me down.

“If they get rid of that filibuster you can forget it,” she said. “It’s game over.” 

Greene asked the War Room audience for support, by texting “MTG” to 89477.

“This is a radical transformation of our country,” she said. “And there is almost no one doing anything about it.”

“I need your support,” Greene said. “Please run for office, city council, school board, it’s not about popularity it’s about saving our country.”


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