Putting Americans in the Room 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene joins War Room for an in-depth hour special on policy and tactics to defeat the Democrats’ ongoing communist revolution in the United States.

First, Greene responds to Nancy Pelosi’s scheme to expel her from Congress at an opportune moment.

“You’re the biggest threat out there because you are essentially the American people,” said Stpehen K. Bannon. “And that’s what they don’t want. You put the American people in the room.”

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CNN Tells Migrants to Come

Michael Yon reports live from Panama on CNN’s infomercial campaign to facilitate more migration to the United States.

The commercials give a step-by-step guide with maps and “weak points” on the American southern border.

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Open Borders, Inc.

Marjorie Taylor Greene says the “greatest threat to the Democrats’ communist revolution is the truth.”

Plus, Greene pulls back the curtain on the business of open borders. She explains how taxpayer dollars enrich nonprofits, the cartels, and left-wing organizations.

“Money, money, money,” said Greene. “This is big big business and the Biden administration is the biggest business partner with the cartels.”

Biden official reveals truth: Says ‘pent-up demand’ for open borders

Democrats Facilitate Slavery

The War Room audience responds to Rep. Greene’s bill: Any Republican who doesn’t support the Protect America First Act should be primaried.

Bianca Gracia, the president of Latinos for Trump, reveals the horrific slavery on the border, operating out of “tent cities Democrats are setting up.” 

“Almost every adult that gets out of a bus has a child attached to them,” Gracia said. Humans are sold to cartels for $2,500 from Mexico, $3,000 from Central American, and $9,000 from the rest of the world.

“I thought slavery was gone, Democrats,” she said. “But here you are again the champion of slavery.”

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