Move Over AOC

Stephen K. Bannon wraps up the last hour with Marjorie Taylor Greene’s passionate plea for support. Greene explains how the support of average Americans sustain her.

“I want to save this country,” she said.”We have to fight for it.”


Plus, Michael Yon reveals the realities of the “fine filter of death” of Darién Gap that Joe Biden is encouraging migrants to go through.

CCP’s Disdain for Human Life

Dr. Stephen Mosher explains the Chinese Communist Party’s “absolute disdain for human life.”

“It sees superiors, and it sees inferiors,” he said.

Plus, Stephen K. Bannon and Mosher explain the dangerous position weakness from the Biden regime has put America in against China.

“They are on the march and right now we’re in retreat,” Mosher said.

Even Chamberlain Would’ve Walked Out

Mayor Rudy Giuliani reacts to the Alaska meeting and humiliating treatment of the Biden delegation.

“I’m not sure Chamberlain would have withstood that from Hitler,” Giuliani said. “We would have walked out.” 

Plus, Giuliani reveals the correct response to being lectured by the most murderous regime in the world: walk out and sanction the CCP officials who were there.

Listen to Rudy’s radio show at

Chinese Whistleblowers Speak Out

Chinese whistleblowers Jackie Jin and Joseph reveal horrific persecution at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

Jackie explains why Xi fears Christians the most: freedom.

“Because Christianity [is] based on the love of Jesus Christ,” she said. “Because they create democracy. They create civilization, also rule on law.”


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