Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said the “greatest threat to the Democrats’ communist revolution is the truth.”

Greene joined War Room for a full hour show on Saturday to discuss Nancy Pelosi’s scheme to expel her from Congress, and how Greene is fighting back against a threat “much bigger” than Americans’ realize.

“You are very important to me,” Greene said of her supporters. “I’m someone who never wanted to be in Congress and the whole reason I’m here is that I have three children and I am terrified for their future.”

“We are truly under a communist revolution,” she said. “And the powers behind it are bigger than you can possible imagine.”

Greene asked for support, because money is “the only thing these people understand.”

“If I have a big number that means I have huge support,” she said. “That’s the part that I really hate about this business.”

“But what I care about is your support at home, people who pray for me,” Greene said.

Greene introduced the Protect America First Act to secure the border, defund sanctuary cities, and put a moratorium on immigration until the situation is under control.

Greene said open borders is a business model for the left, backed by American taxpayer dollars.

“Money, money, money,” she said. “This is big big business and the Biden administration is the biggest business partner with the cartels and the coyotes.”

Greene vowed to keep fighting and give a voice to the average American.

“The greatest threat to the democrats’ communist revolution is the truth,” she said. “So what I keep doing is pushing the truth.”


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