Jason Trennert, chairman at Strategas Research Partners, warns “massive financial instability” is coming to the United States.

On the heels of $1.9 trillion more spending, Trennert told War Room, “We’re in a little bit of a honeymoon period…there are going to be very real consequences to this in the future.”

Trennert said there is a “two in three chance” for significant higher inflation that will create “massive financial instability.” 

“This is a very risky game that we’re playing,” he said.

“We are hurtiling into uncharted territory,” said Stephen K. Bannon.

Trennert said expect meaningful losses in both bonds and stocks in the near future.

“All of this seems easy right now, the Dow hit an all-time high last Wednesday,” he said. “But you’re basically just printing money to do it.”

“It’s a very different calculus when people start losing money,” Trennert said.


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