When the Democrat Party Has Lost Joe Scarborough…

War Room says the Biden regime is in “full panic mode” over its border crisis it engineered.

Former U.S. Navy SEAL officer Erik Prince, today’s in-studio co-host, explains the “plata o plomo” way of the cartels.

Morning Joe: Biden ‘luring’ children to the border

Industrialized Crime

Combat journalist Michael Yon shares more details about what he’s seen at the Darién Gap, and how Biden’s policies are driving the migration.

Erik Prince explains how it’s not organized crime, it’s “industrialized crime” with serious weaponry threatens the U.S.

“The Roman Empire when it fell it fell because the Visigoths and the vandals literally walked in,” Prince warns. “Today with air travel, the Taliban, al Qaeda or whatever terrorist element can get to the United States within 14 hours.”

“In this case, they’re walking or being bused in an industrial level crime spree across Latin America,” Prince said.

We Could Be Weimar

Stephen K. Bannon and Erik Prince warn of how bad and quickly the U.S. economy could become if the world moves away from the dollar.

 “The United states becomes Argentina immediately,” Bannon said.

“Worse, it becomes the Weimar Republic,” Prince said. “Which is Germany in the 1920s which completely collapsed and you end up electing Adolf Hitler.”

Endless Wars

CloutHub CEO Jeff Brain recaps the Make America Free Again summit, and previews the next event on April 18.

“It’s about getting engaged, not just posting,” Brain says of his social media platform. 

Erik Prince reveals where the Pentagon went wrong in Afghanistan and why the globalists don’t send their sons and daughters to fight.


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