Tattoos Not Teddy Bears

Betsy McCaughey reveals why the border crisis is coming to a school near you.

McCaughey, the former lt. governor of New York, explains 75 percent of the migrant children at the border are ages 15 to 17 year-old boys. “Think tatoos, not teddy bears,” she said.

These teenagers will soon enter public school systems, and divert resources.

“They’re not going to Sidwell Friends,” said Erik Prince.

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Breaking News on Colorado Shooter

Raheem Kassam reveals breaking news on the Boulder shooting suspect Ahmad Al-Issa. Kassam archived his deleted Facebook page, which shows anti-Trump posts, and avid reading of the Washington Post.

BREAKING: Biden has been briefed the Colorado shooter had ISIS sympathies, per WH official

The Boulder Suspect’s Name Is Ahmad Al-Issa. So Naturally The Story Will Now Disappear

One Man’s Crusade

Dan Schultz returns to War Room for an update on the Precinct Project, and his strategy to retake the Republican Party.

In some counties, local Republican offices are overflowing and “they’re bitching about Steve Bannon and Dan Schultz.”

Visit: The Precinct Strategy

The Precinct Project: How Fog City Midge Became a Public Elected Official


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