Dan Schultz said county offices are flooding with MAGA supporters following his Precinct Project strategy to take over the Republican Party.

In some areas, local Republican offices are overflowing and officials are “bitching about Steve Bannon and Dan Schultz.”

Schultz first laid out his plan to fill the 200,000 vacant precinct positions within the Republican Party on War Room in February. Since, thousands flocked to his website and many have put in the work, including Fog City Midge who recently became a Republican elected official in Florida.

“We are in a political war political wars are fought by political parties,” Schultz said. “The way to do it is to fill it up with foot soldiers.”

Schultz said precinct committee positions are paramount. “You get to directly elect who the county chair is,” he said. “You get to elect the people who elect the national committee men.”

“That’s real political power,” he said.

In addition, these vacant positions can also lead to writing the party platform at the RNC. 

Right now, “the RINOs show up and they’re pretty much in control” of the political apparatus,” Schultz said.

Schultz explained it is necessary for conservatives to get past their reservations of being involved in politics. They can learn how at his website PrecinctStrategy.com.

“It’s a strategy to take over the Republican party from the people run it,” Schultz said. “And it’s starting to happen.” 


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