Dave Brat says the real solution for America is to have another Great Awakening.

“If you really want to change the country you better change its heart and soul,” he said. “We’ve given up on what made us great. Love is at the cross.” 

The dean of Liberty University’s school of business said the left “hijacked love” in America and distorted it away from its Judeo-Christian origins.

Brat called Karl Marx a “lightweight” who’s “deep as a wading pool” philosophy was crushed by Nietzsche.

“Our young folks are so uneducated on these basics I had to remind them, I don’t think the calendar started at zero when you were born,” he said. “Something pretty big must have happened at the year zero.”

Brat said the origins of rule of law, freedom, and conscience that formed the foundations of America come from Jesus. If we want to reclaim our heritage, we have to start there.

“God’s still here,” Brat said. “But we’re walking in the desert right now.”

Brat said the situation in America is dire, with an economy that is “dead.”

“We’re headed toward statist capitalism,” Brat said. “This $5 trillion is historically huge, and it’s real spending.

“If the economy even had a pulse you’d have hyper inflation right now,” he said. “The real economy is laying dead. It’s a corpse laying there.”


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