War Room shares exclusive new polling from Rasmussen exposing how unpopular Biden’s border policies are.

Heavyweight champion David Rodriguez reveals how Biden’s border crisis is being engineered by globalists.

“This is a hit on America,” he said. “They steal the election, they give us the pandemic, and here comes open borders. This is all part of the globalist thing.”

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Orchestrated Chaos

Craig Sawyer, founder of Veterans for Child Rescue, reports on the conditions of law enforcement spread thin at the border. Sawyer says the chaos is orchestrated and reveals the evil big business of child trafficking.

Sawyer says the $30 to $50 billion industry in the U.S. is larger than all pro sports combined.

“How many children have to be bought and sold to generate $30 to $50 billion a year in revenue?” he said. “It breaks my heart.”

Watch: Craig Sawyer’s child trafficking documentary ContraLand

The Million Moms

Clarice Schillinger explains how the Keeping Kids in School PAC is going to take back local school boards from the teachers’ unions in Pennsylvania.



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