After the success of her first voter integrity summit, Dean of Regent University’s school of government Michele Bachmann is planning another major event to expose election fraud on Nov. 3.

The 7-hour election integrity summit was just an “opening salvo,” Bachmann told War Room, Wednesday.

“We went through all of it,” Bachmann said. “People were shocked by what they saw.”

The event will be posted in full on the Regent University website, including expert analysis of fraud by Dr. Peter Navarro, and discussion with Ben Carson, Eric Metaxes, and Mark Steyn.

“There’s something extremely powerful about watching the seven hours end to end,” Bachmann said of the summit on Tuesday. “Because for the first time we were the opening salvo on telling the truth about what happened in 2020.”

The summit also exposed “craven politicians” who want to “cement in place their power base forever, and transform the United States of America,” through radical legislation.

“We could have done seven hours on the panel of H.R. 1,” she said. “We could have done seven hours on the Navarro report — easy.”

Bachmann also shares her plans for what’s next in spreading the truth of election fraud: a mock trial with Professor David Clements.

The mock trial would air all of the evidence from 60 cases of fraud that judges did not have the courage to take up in court.

“You’re talking about action,” Bachmann said. “That’s what we’re talking about.” 


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