A Tale as Old as 1949

Stephen K. Bannon blasts WHO researcher Peter Daszak for the “blood on his hands” with his work with the Wuhan lab. Natalie Winters and Dr. Yan Li-Meng expose the Chinese Communist Party’s cover up and which American scientists and researchers are compromised.

“It’s a tale as old as time,” Winters said. “Or at least as old as 1949.”

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EXCLUSIVE: WHO Investigator Peter Daszak Authored Over 20 CCP-Funded, Linked Studies

Trust the Science, Follow the Money

Stephen K. Bannon notes how Dr. Fauci has never been asked about gain of function research in Wuhan in his 2 million media hits. It won’t be covered in his children’s book, either.

Natalie Winters reveals how Peter Daszak not only was complicit in the taxpayer-funded Wuhan research that “helped engineer the door into the human body” for covid-19. He also got a $750,000 PPP loan.

Plus, Dr. Yan reveals how the CCP fabricated and destroyed evidence in Wuhan.

Wuhan Institute Of Virology Research Partner Took $750,000 In Pandemic Relief Funds

WHO’s COVID Researcher Peter Daszak – Who Refuses To Investigate Wuhan Lab – Donated To Joe Biden OVER 70 TIMES

We’ve Got a Whole Nation to Wake Up

Worship leader Sean Feucht says a Great Awakening is already underway, and tens of thousands flock to outdoor Christian worship events across the country.

Feucht announces an event on the 9/11 20th anniversary weekend in Washington, D.C. to bring 40,000 to the national mall to worship God.

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Craft, not with a ‘K’

Natalie Winters reveals what she would ask at the Biden tee-ball session masquerading as a press conference.

Dave Ramaswamy explains “Democracy 2.0” and how an artisanal revolution in America can transform us from a consumer-centric to producer-centric soceity.

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