Retired ICE special agent Victor Avila said the U.S. must designate major Mexican cartels as foreign terrorist organizations.

Avila shared exclusive footage with War Room of a massive shootout in Mexico. Avila said the cartels are now in full control of Mexico and operate across the U.S.

Avila, who was shot in an ambush by the Zeta cartel, said he knows first hand the dangers of a border crisis spiraling out of control.

“They’re worse than ISIS,” he said. “Worse than al Qaeda. Worse than the Taliban.”

The author of the book Agent Under Fire said cartels operations are “present” all over the U.S, including drug and human trafficking.

Mexico had 36,000 murders last year and over 80,000 people missing, Avila said. Avila also reported the Biden regime has stopped deporting child sex offenders.


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