Worship leader Sean Feucht announced a major service he is planning on the national mall, on War Room, Thursdsay.

Feucht said a Great Awakening is underway in America. Tens of thousands flock to his outdoor Christian “Let Us Worship” events across the country.

Feucht visited 69 cities over the past nine months, gathering between 3,000 and 20,000 people everywhere he goes.

“There’s an energy right now on the grassroots level of people to find and meet God,” Feucht said.

Quoting Hagai 2:6, Feucht said, “We’re in a season right now where everything is being shaken.” During a crisis more people are searching for God, he said.

Feucht announced a major service on the national mall on the 20th anniversary weekend of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in September.

He said the service hopes to bring 40,000 to worship God in our nation’s capitol, doubling the service he held in Washington last year.

“We’ve got a whole nation to wake up,” Feucht said.


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