Penny-Ante Oligarchs

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine reacts to Robert Redfield’s admission the virus came from the Wuhan lab. Devine said this has long been obvious to virologists and anyone following the evidence.

“It’s pure sophistry, dishonesty, God knows what, for the media to swallow this lie mainly from this guy Peter Daszak,” Devine said.

Plus, Devine sounds off on the “penny-ante” oligarchs like Jack Dorsey, and says it’s way past time to break up Big Tech.

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WHO’s COVID ‘investigation’ was dishonest Chinese propaganda: Devine

Come for the Porn, Stay for the Compromise

Stephen K. Bannon and Rudy Giuliani discuss the latest revelations from the lap top from hell. America’s Mayor says at least two more crimes were committed by Hunter Biden when his sister-in-law then-girlfriend stole his gun and threw it in the trash near a school.

Plus, Bannon says the “first order of business” of a Republican House of Representatives in 2023 is impeaching Biden for his crimes.

Secret Service Agents Intervened in Hunter Biden Gun Incident

Straight from the Hard Drive from Hell

How do we know it’s not “Russian disinformation”? Raheem Kassam can give you Joe Biden’s cell number. 

Kassam reads verbatim text messages from Hunter Biden corroborating the gun crime story.

“She stole a gun, illegally possessed it…and put it in front of a school,” says Rudy Giuliani.

“This is behavior for which everybody else is prosecuted.”

And the FBI’s had it since December 2019.

The Men Who Don’t Want to Get Caught

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports live from Highway 83 en route to Laredo, where the Border Patrol is apprehending several illegal aliens.

“These are the men who don’t want to get caught,” Bergquam says. He reveals the cartels scheme using families to divert resources away from the cartels’ other illegal operations.

Plus, Bergquam sounds off on Joe Biden’s lies during the Thursday press conference.

“He’s a liar,” Bergquam said. “It’s a straight up lie. He knows it, the Democrats know it. They know what they’re doing.”

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Watch: Secure Borders Rally in Laredo, Texas, Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. MT.



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