Quadrupling Down

Mike Lindell returns to quadruple down on his fight against the stolen election. Lindell joined War Room exclusively to reveal his second election fraud documentary Absolute Interference: Fact…Foreign Adversaries Hacked America’s Election. 

“Now I know where you’ve been hiding,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “You’ve been in the editing room.”

Visit: LindellTV.com

Make Wikileaks Look Like a Tinkertoy

Lindell said he will unveil his evidence everyday for six weeks on his new social media platform, Frank. 

“This is the smoking gun evidence,” he said, revealing Dominion whistleblowers have come forward.

‘The Election of 2020 is Going Bye-Bye’ 

Mike Lindell makes a bombshell prediction that Donald Trump will be back in the White House in August.

Lindell says the cyber attack was the one of the biggest crimes against our country in history.

“Every single person is going to be found out,” he said.

Down with the Machines

Mike Lindell explains why America must lead the way in getting rid of crooked voting machines. Plus, Lindell previews his new social media platform, Frank. 

“They’re going to be able to speak out and speak freely” — even people who don’t like Dominion or the vaccine.


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