New York Post columnist Miranda Devine blasted “penny-ante” oligarchs like Jack Dorsey, and says it’s way past time to break up Big Tech.

Devine told War Room Twitter and Facebook are “massive companies, unaccountable to anybody, globally owned,” and in control of all information.

“These little penny ante oligarchs, like Jack Dorsey with his earring and his beard and his ephemeral manner, you don’t want these people having control over us,” she said.

Any government is under threat with these people in there amassing more and more power, they control the pipelines of information, it shouldn’t be happening 

They bought and paid for this town, they’re on the payroll, bought this town bannon 

Facebook and Twitter suppressed the New York Post’s reporting on smoking gun emails revealing Joe Biden’s deep involvement in Hunter’s business dealings. Dorsey said Thursday blocking the Post story was a “mistake.”

“A mistake?” Devine said. “How can it just be a little mistake when you locked out the NY Post’s account for more than 2 weeks.”

“It was a complete cover up for Joe Biden,” Devine said. “This was the October surprise that his campaign had been dreading. They knew Hunter Biden and the laptop were a ticking time bomb.”

Devine also reacted to Robert Redfield’s admission the virus came from the Wuhan lab. Devine said this has long been obvious to virologists and anyone following the evidence.

“It’s pure sophistry, dishonesty, God knows what, for the media to swallow this lie mainly from this guy Peter Daszak,” Devine said.

Devine said the World Health Organization researcher Daszak “was funding gain of function research in Wuhan,” research used to manipulate coronaviruses.

“He obviously has a vested interest in playing it down,” she said.


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